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PA and NY contest entry
PA's P.O.V.
There were 50 people all crammed into a meeting room, and they were all very aggravated. America had called a meeting for his states. It wasn't the smartest idea, but we've also realized that he's not the smartest guy. The day he was "so pumped for," as he said, he was late for. I am the state of Pennsylvania, and right now, I want to beat the crap out of America! Though, I could tell there were states more aggravated than I. More specifically, my close neighbor, New York. He was on good terms with America, but if I remember correctly, it was the crowd that was getting to him.
"Hey, New York!" I greeted him.
"Oh, what do you want?" he questioned in an irritated tone.
"geez, I just thought I'd let you know that I saw a way up to the roof when I came in. I was also wondering if I could hang with you up there?" I explained sheepishly.
"As long as you're quiet, I guess you could join me, but what if America shows up while we're up there?" he asked, downgrading my ideas as usual
:iconask-talkingpoland:ask-talkingpoland 4 1
Axis Demotivational Poster by ShaniLeyba Axis Demotivational Poster :iconshanileyba:ShaniLeyba 55 4 Greece Demotivational by ShaniLeyba Greece Demotivational :iconshanileyba:ShaniLeyba 75 7
Male!Hungary x Fem!Prussia
     "Why doesn't he like me?" Julchen paced her room, thinking of a good reason with a scowl. "I mean, I'm awesome, I'm better looking than her, I'm sexier. So, why doesn't he like me?" She went back and forth in her room, her small bird following her movements until it grew tired and perched on the windowsill. Julchen stopped and sat at the window, resting her head in her hand frowning. "This is so unawesome, mein little birdie." The bird chirped in agreement and nuzzled her owner.
     'Sophia's pretty, sure, but she's so stuck up!' Her frowned deepened as she thought. 'Daniel probably doesn't even realize it. He's too busy listening to her talk about pianos and playing with her hair. So unawesome...' A sigh was emitted and Julchen stood up, giving up on the subject for the time being. There were better things to do, like getting drunk off her ass and singing karaoke. That was exactly what she was going to do!
:icongummylatte:gummylatte 75 19
Loving Myself [Prussia x Fem!Prussia]
-Fem!Prusisia's POV-
((In the Fem!Hetalia Dimension))
"Schwester .. Please wake up and clean your room." Monika(Fem!Germany) tries to wake the awesome me up.
"...Ughh.." I groaned, "Five more minutes!"
"Nein Julchen(Fem!Prussia), jou should vake up now!" she replied, pulling the covers off me.
I groaned harder, "Vhat do jou vant Monika?"
"I vant jou to get up, clean jour room and go to morning training vith me."
"Fiiiiiiiiiine." I replied, and started changing my clothes and cleaning up my unawesomely messy room.
-time skip to after cleaning up and is now during morning training-
"FELICIANA(Fem!Italy)!! RUN FASTER!" Monika shouted.
"Kesesesese, Monika, give her a rest already."
"Nein, ve must be prepared therefore ve must run laps!"
"Kesesese~" I say as I ran more laps. As I ran my last few laps, I saw that Monika and Feliciana weren't anywhere to be seen..
"Vhere are zhey?" I asked to myself. Then I slipped over a tree branch and fell into a hole that appeared out of nowhere. Everythi
:iconholyprussia:holyprussia 49 7
Axis Powers Hetalia: Episode 23.5
Warning:This is about a Hetalia's "offical" gory episode.
  I just got done watching this video
It made me cry. Plus I was looking at this --> so I could read along. The 2nd link has screenshots from the episode.
The whole time I was watching/reading about episode 23.5, I was thinking "I won't be able to see APH the same again.", "WHY!?!?!?!?", "Japan, YOU ASSHOLE!!", "Germany! Why didn't you STOP JAPAN!?!", "FML", or "Fuck You, Jap-"...okay you get my point. I was really pissed off. It didn't help I that I was playing Hetaoni a few minutes before.
How many of you have seen/heard of Episode 23.5?
What did you think of it?
Did you have a mental break down like me?
Did you go rant to one of your friends? I did... [Poor MrCosplayHero....]
Did you curl up in the fetal position and cry? I did...
:iconbloodsoakedblackrose:BloodSoakedBlackRose 7 55
Hetalia 23.5 Demotivational by HeyItsElectra Hetalia 23.5 Demotivational :iconheyitselectra:HeyItsElectra 107 94
Mature content
Axis Powers Hetalia: Episode 23.5 :iconkyokyo866:KyoKyo866 557 885
Deranged by emily92896 Deranged :iconemily92896:emily92896 2,401 168
Sick Day- Hetalia NA Bros
Sick Day – Hetalia NA Brothers
"He's never this late," Canada worried as he pulled into his brother's driveway. "He's usually the one waking me up. Something's wrong." Canada parked the car and got out. He hurried towards the front door when he saw USA sitting on the porch with his head resting on the briefcase on his lap.
USA slowly lifted his head and tried to stand up. His face was flushed. "Oh it's you. Sorry about that, dude. I felt dizzy and… I thought I'd just take a nap here for a few minutes. I guess it was a bit longer. I… I think I'm good now. OK… Let's go now."
Canada helped him up. "You're not going anywhere! You're sick!"
"No, I'm not." He brushed the back of his suit pants.
"Yes, you are! I can tell just by looking at you! You look like you're about to pass out."
"No, I'm just a bit tired."
Canada placed his hand on his brother's forehead. "You're burning up! Get inside!" He ordered as he grabbed his brother's arm and directed him back into the house.
:iconburstrondocg:burstrondocg 25 15
       A Canada x America fanfic
The worlds meeting had just ended and Matthew (Canada) was standing outside. He had to talk to Alfred (America) about his diet. It's not like he cared about the Americans diet but when he started feeding burgers to the wild moose in Canada he had to draw the line. He saw Alfred leave the meeting room and ran up to him, "Alfred hey Alfred!" Alfred turned to him and smiled ,"Oh hey Mattie what's up". Suddenly Matthew froze and stared at Alfred with a curious expression, "uh Alfred?" Alfred cocked his head to the side with a confused expression, "what's wrong?" Matthew pointed to Alfred's Nantucket (is that what its called). He looked up noticing how his Nantucket was drooping.
Why is it drooping?
"Not sure, poor thing" ,Alfred looked sadly at his Nantucket.
Suddenly Matthew reached out and touched it "Here let me try to fix it" ,he grabbed it and started to lift it. Matthew noticed how Alfred bit his lip the moment he touched and was c
:iconobitoisabadboy:obitoisabadboy 2 2
APH: America's 'curl' by TinoV APH: America's 'curl' :icontinov:TinoV 45 13 America's Nantucket Coffee by 3golondrinas America's Nantucket Coffee :icon3golondrinas:3golondrinas 94 65
I will Protect You [Spain and Romano Fanfiction]
Warning Character Death
In the midst of a battle, the sound of angry men and swords is the typical music, though the sound of early mourners and screams are often heard to among friends. But one sound was neither the sound of battle nor mourning, but the sound of a baby. The sound of its cries died with the wind and swords, and was not heard by any nearby soldiers. Though for the man watching the baby this was a blessing. The brunette was in a panicked frenzy. Doing his best to try and calm the child. His green eyes clouded with fear. He was so close to enemy soldiers. Heard by them he knew he would not be spared, and depending on the amount of mercy the soldiers felt, the baby too could be killed. The man tried everything, from water to cuddles. The baby could not be satisfied. One might ask as to why the baby was with him in the first place.
The baby was the offspring of a beautiful woman, her braided dark hair grew long, and her hazel eyes bright with innocence and youthfulne
:iconstafford04:stafford04 16 3
Angsty Spamano on Omegle
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Spamano.
You: ((RP?~ o w o ))
Stranger: ((Sure~!))
You: ((WOO~ Who do you want to be??))
Stranger: ((Romano?))
You: ((Okay, I will be Spain ^^))
Stranger: ((Yay! You can start~!))
You: ((Okay!)) Antonio rushes through the two sided doorway of the Italians house, a scarred expression on his face. ""Lovi?" He yells, fear in his voice. ((Realy, what I had in mind is that France raped Romano, Spain found out, and so on .-. ))
Stranger: *curled up in the corner of his bathroom, still scrubbing his skin raw, face covered in long since dried tears* ((Okay!))
:iconneedmoreyaoi:NeedMoreYaoi 14 20
Mature content
A Harsh Goodbye -Spamano and GerIta- :iconshadowmoonxblackfire:ShadowmoonXBlackfire 41 39




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